Getting Started

Describes how to deploy the Filter Profile Registry and shows sample commands.

Docker Container Deployment

The Filter Profile Registry can be run as a Docker container from DockerHub.

docker pull mtnfog/filter-profile-registry docker run --name fpr -p 8080:8080 mtnfog/filter-profile-registry

Configure Philter

Once the Filter Profile Registry has been deployed you must update Philter's settings to point to the registry. This is described in Philter's documentation.

Example Commands

You can now interact with the Filter Profile Registry through its API. Refer to the API for details on the available commands.

List filter profiles:

curl https://localhost:8080/api/profiles

Upload a filter profile:

curl https://localhost:8080/api/profiles -d @profile.json -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Get a filter profile by name:

curl https://localhost:8080/api/profiles/{profilename}

Delete a filter profile:

curl -X DELETE https://localhost:8080/api/profiles/{profilename}

Get the status of the Filter Profile Registry:

curl https://localhost:8080/api/status